Serving the Church

The importance of having a right attitude towards money — especially our own money — is one of the themes most often addressed by Jesus in the gospels. At the Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church, we emphasize the practice of “first fruits giving,” in which giving the “first and best” or our financial resources (however much that may be) is considered an act of worship.

Making regular financial contributions is also crucial to the fulfillment of our church’s mission, which includes paying our staff, maintaining our facilities, and funding our programs and ministries. To that end, every Fall we have a “stewardship campaign” during which the plans, hopes, and needs for the coming year are shared with the congregation, and all attenders are invited to estimate how much they will be able to contribute. A budget for the coming year is then created, based on these giving estimates.

As part of the annual Stewardship Campaign, attenders are invited to complete a “Tasks and Ministries” survey, in which they may indicate ways in which they are willing to serve the church (and the broader community on behalf of the church) during the coming year. The form includes a range of existing church boards and committees on which they may offer to serve, along with a wide range of other programs and needs to which they may lend their time, effort, and abilities. Space is included where folks may suggest a new “ministry” or way of using their particular interests, abilities, and energy.

Click here to view the Tasks and Ministries survey.

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